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ВидеокалендариVideo calendars

Desktop video calendar – a modern gift for partners, clients, colleagues.

Thematic, advertizing, presentation, video calendars will constantly increase profit of your company, having taken a worthy place on a desktop and reminding of you every day.

Being an effective way to inform, present production, to congratulate on a holiday, the video calendar transfers not only the picture, but also a sound at the expense of the built-in loudspeaker. Record of a large number of information, presentation, a congratulation is possible.

Thumbing through any magazine or the fair brochure, the person stops a look no more than for 20 seconds. The video or a video calendar are looked through completely, and sometimes and several times, thus, information is remembered for a long time. 

Technical capabilities of a calendar the huge: we can make a calendar with a screen diagonal from 2,4 to 7 inches. The video calendar can be equipped with buttons of management: "Inclusion", "Switching off", "Pause", "Loudness", "Transition to other page". You will be pleasantly surprised with fullness of sound.


Technical descriptions

Screen diagonal (inches):

2.4, 4.3, 5.0, 7.0


Visible area of the screen:



2.4" - 48 x 36 mm

4.3" - 95 x 54 mm

5.0" - 110 x 66 mm

7.0" - 153 x 86 mm


 Permission (pixels):


2.4" - 320 x 240 (4:3)

4.3, 5.0" - 480 x 272 (16:9)

7.0" - 800 x 480 (5:3)



Viewing angle:

30 degrees

Memory size:

256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB


320, 840 or 2000 mAH

Support of video formats:



On/Off or Play/Pause, Previous/Next or Sound +/-


Ultrathin loudspeaker with power from 0,5 to 2W