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Video business cards


Video business cards (video card holder) represent an interactive printing product from a cardboard with the full-color press and a lamination, the screen with possibility of playing of videos or presentations settles down inside.

Video card holders - don't need to be collected from all places and to look for the necessary contacts in business cards, now all in one place! Absolutely new and excellent gift to yourself and to friends!

Drawing a selective UF-varnish, stamping a foil, the press pan-tones is in addition possible.

Video business cards are available in a format:

      • 9х5 sm (display 2.4")
      • LCD — the screen of high brightness
      • built-in memory (minimum volume of 128 MB)
      • roller lasting 30 minutes and more
      • the battery of high capacity recharged by means of the built-in mini USB
      • possibility of numerous rewriting of contents
      • built-in loudspeaker