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Video booklets


Video booklets represent a printing product from a cardboard with the full-color press and a lamination, the screen settles down inside.

Development of individual design is possible. Drawing a selective UF-varnish, a stamping a foil, the press pan-tones is in addition possible.

Video booklets are available in different formats:

  • A5 (display 2.4", 2.8");
  • A4 (display 4.3", 5", 7");
  • LCD — the screen of high brightness
  • built-in memory (minimum volume of 128 MB)
  • The maximum extent of memory to 16Gb
  • roller lasting 30 minutes and more
  • the battery of high capacity recharged by means of the built-in mini USB
  • possibility of numerous rewriting of contents
  • built-in loudspeaker