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For companies

Impress, be memorable, surprise… this is effect we want to achieve, planning a new advertising campaign.

We invite you to take a step forward in the world of technology and innovation. Your proposal will have a special place among the competitors now! The clients will view and demonstrate your presentation to colleagues, partners and friends.

Interactive display, enclosed in a thin paperback is innovation in branding printed products, allows you to transmit the live emotions.

Promo video, greeting, presentation start working as soon as your client opens the booklet. The most important thing will be clear immediately: your company is special.

When to order? Video booklet is a gift to your partners, journalists, trade fair visitors, sales agents for sales representatives, your portfolio in an elegant branded papercover.

For everyone

A memorable gift for friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives, collegues. Video for your wedding or the first meeting with the new baby will now be stored carefully in a conspicuous place and can be seen at any time.

With a surprise gift for the birthday, March 8, February 23 with your personal video wishes!